Conventional wisdom says that leaders are born not made. However, we believe that every individual can be groomed to take on a leader's role. The LEADER (Listen - Evaluate - Analyze - Decide - Execute - Revisit) model breaks down leadership into a process, using skills that are learnable.

The program is designed for  supervisors, junior managers and middle managers. Anyone who is or is in a leadership role, or is likely to be in a leadership role in the near future.

The content can be customized based on the level of participants and any other organizational requirements.

360 Degrees Leadership

There is a common perception that leadership stems from position in a heirarchial organization. That it is only people who are appointed as leaders or managers in an organization need to exercise leadership. However, 360 degrees leadership implies exercising leadership at whatever position you occupy. It means leading by doing the best that you can in your current role, becoming a positive change agent for the entire organization.
The program is designed for frontline employees, supervisors, junior managers, middle managers.

Situational Leadership
The king on a chessboard has a choice of eight moves from most squares. Just like a leader who has many choices in any given situation. The choice that he or she makes often determines the differene between success and failure. Daniel goleman has described six styles of leadership - commanding, pace setting, visionary, affiliative, democratic and coaching. However, a good leader has to use all the six styles depending on the situation and circumstances. The situational leadership program teaches the nuances of all these six styles. It also provides an insight into when to use which type of leadership, and the impact of each.
The program is designed for junior and middle managers, supervisors and prospective mangers.

Decision making
Decision making is a key leadership function. It is also one of the toughest part of being a leader. In developing the leadership in your organization, equipping them with effective decision making tools is imperative to ensuring organizational growth in the right direction.
This program is designed for leaders and prospective leaders on whose decisions organizational performance and achivement of goals hinge. It provides them sound methodology and essential tools for evaluating options and taking appropriate decisions.

Communication skills

Effective Communications
Verbal and non-verbal communications for the workplace. A workshop suited for professionals at all levels.
The success of an individual in a team depends greatly on the extent to which he can engage in effective communication. Faulty communication in organizations can lead to lowered efficiency and effectiveness at the organizational as well as individual level. Also most of the interpersonal friction can be traced to faculty communication. Effective communication is important to insure that a project or task is done right and accurately.
Enhancing the communication skills of individuals within your organization will promote better organizational communication and improve overall productivity.

Public Speaking
as per research, the fear of speaking in public is greater than the fear of death in a large number of people. However, public speaking is a necessity for a lot of professionals, many of whom are at a disadvantage of not having received any formal training or guidance on it.
Public speaking is presenting your thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way. The perception that only people involved in sales, marketing or mass media need to learn public speaking is wrong. The truth is that all professionals have to speak in public at one time or the other. Often the fear of speaking in public prevents bright employees from putting forth their creative ideas at a professional forum.
The program is an interactive learning experience which gives the participants an opportunity to learn and practice the art of public speaking, and overcome natural hesitation to expressing their views in public. It is a must for every employee, irrespective of whether they are required to deal with customers or not.

Powerful Presentations
Making powerful presentations is a skill that enables you to put your points across to the decision makers or stakeholders. Whether it is a sales pitch to a prospective client, presentation of a project plan, or presenting sales targets to your team. A presentation well made has a powerful and lasting impact on the audience. It may be the difference between clinching or losing a deal.
This program addresses making presentations by understanding the message that you want to convey to your audience, and then identifying the best ways of putting it across. Don't promote death by powerpoint in your organization, as effective presentations are not merely bullet points on a slide. Drawing on lessons from some of the best presenters and orators ever, the program will change the way you look at presentations forever.

Business Communications
Big or small, every organization needs effective internal and external communications to survive and thrive. Unimpeded flow of information require working processes to be set up. More importantly, it requires personnel who are sensitized to the importance of communications in business processes, and have the skills to communicate effectively.
This program is designed to address the commonly observed shortcomings in business communications - whether it is verbal interactions over telephone, or formal business emails.suitable for all levels of personnel who require to communicate with others within and outside the organization, the program can be customized to meet specific organizational requirements.

Personal productivity

Enhancing effectiveness
Often we are so concerned about efficiency that we forget to gauge whether we are also effective. Enhancing effectiveness means doing the right things right, and getting maximum results from your efforts. Our specially designed courses serve to enhance personal productivity.

  • • Time management
  • • Goal getting
  • • Managing stress
  • • Problem solving
  • • Anger management

One outcome of the high stress environment today is the rise in anger levels of people all around. Not only does this lead to irrepairable damages in interpersonal relations, but is increasingly manifesting itself in tragic incidents like road rage deaths. Learning to recongnize and control your anger is therefore a great need for everyone today.

Negotiation skills

Basics of negotiating
The beginers guide to negotiations - for those just about finding their feet in the world of negotiations

Negotiation for managers
Practical negotiation skills for frontline and middle managers to help them deal with everyday situations with employees and clients

Power negotiations
Advanced negotiation techniques and tools with learnings drawn from international experts on negotiations including hostage crises negotiators and diplomats negotiating deals between countries.

Learning negotiations from children
Children are the best negotiators every. Anyone who has dealt with a five year old or a teenager bargaining for a new toy or more pocket money knows that. This workshop brings some of the negotiation techniques used by children to the work place.


Enhancing Influence
This workshop is about simple and practical techniques that have been tried and tested by people from all walks of life to increase their personal influence.

  • Influence at work
  • Influence for managers
  • Influence for sales people
  • Selling skills
  • • Basics of selling
  • • Psychology of selling

This workshops teaches the psychology behind buying and selling. Armed with this knowledge, your sales persons will be empowerd to understand what customers want, overcome objections to selling and close more sales.

  • • Consultative selling
  • • Selling over telephone

Telephone selling is for companies that are missing revenue opportunities because they are not effectively using the telephone as a sales tool, and that need to sell, not just service. It is for those companies that need to use technology to close geographic gaps and cut sales costs. It is for organisations who understand that the telephone is a powerful sales tool, and wish to capitalise on the capability. This workshop is ideal for both inbound and outbound call centre sales and/or service staff, call centre telephone advisers, sales managers, telesales professionals and managers, and marketing staff.

  • • Personality development and grooming
  • • Business etiquettes
  • • Power dressing
  • • Self esteem and confidence building

How we view our self or our self image dictates the way we conduct ourselves, and also the results we get. This workshop teaches your employees to understand what is their current self image, and how can they improve their self esteem by developing a better self image.

 Art Of Conversation
In many business situations, people often find themselves at a loss for words. It is important to learn how to converse with anyone and in any situation without feeling awkward.

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