With the advent of more portable devices and sharp penetration of smart phones, especially in India, compared to desktops, eLearning is adding another dimension to itself – mobile learning or mLearning. Couple of years back m-learning or learning through mobile devices was considered only a tactical extension of eLearning. However, understanding the learners demands of personalized learning from any place and at any time are forcing organizations to explore the potential of mobile learning and enhance eLearning with mobile learning initiatives.

One more factor that is helping mlearning unlock its potential rather sharply is the fact that the next generation which is generally more tech-savvy and digitally connected and is also more comfortable with mobile technology, preferring mobile learning over eLearning in its workplace.

According to the E-learning Guild Research Report, Mobile Learning: Landscape and Trends, considering that only 10-20% organizations implemented m-learning by 2011, it is still in nascent stage. However, there were clear indications that interest was growing. The worldwide growth of mobile learning products and services were forecasted to rise from $212.38 million in 2011 to $682.13 million by 2016, an impressive 26% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). According to the E-learning Guild Research survey in 2011 reveals that 51% organizations were going to do more mobile learning in the coming years, from 38.5% respondents in 2007.

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