Learning is greatly enhanced when it is carried out through meaningful and authentic problem-solving activities. Learning by doing confronts learners with authentic situations and scenarios which motivate learners to carry out tasks or solve problems.

The effectiveness and efficiency of such learning can be somewhat constrained by the fixed time, budget, space and pace limitations of learning and teaching in conventional campus-based classroom settings. Similarly, printed study materials, while they afford transportability, are limited by their inability to capture and carry much else other than text, pictures, and illustrations.

E-Learning solutions, on the other hand, afford us a wide range of opportunities to capture, store and distribute information and resources of all types and formats. Along with text, pictures and illustrations, these include multimedia-based simulations of complex processes from all sorts of the

domains such as the biological and medical sciences, agriculture, engineering and educational practice which are not easily or cheaply accessible in real time and settings.

WordDeNovo offers full cycle of e-learning solutions from identifying your training and development needs to course designing, storyboarding, course frame developments, and implementation.

E-learning solutions from WordDeNovo are designed and delivered in a variety of formats, such as:

  • Computer based training (CBT)

  • Web based training (WBT)

  • Self-paced learning tutorials

  • ILTs (Instructor Led Training)

  • Online courses

  • Product tutorials

  • Online product demos

  • Simulations

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